Uros Floating Islands 1/2 Day

The Uros Islands are located 30 minutes from the lakeside port in Puno, excursions to this beautiful town are made in two predefined schedules can hike either in the morning or afternoon, this tour allows you to meet one of the most important attractions with which the city of Puno.

The Uros are an ancient people living in the midst of the cattail, which maintains the tradition of artisanal fisheries, hunting of wild birds and collect bird eggs Titicaca, men are skillful builders and turn conductors of rafts of totora while women are experts making handmade fabrics.

Uros natives   speak the Aymara language and are also interdependent of TOTORA which grows abundantly around Lake Titicaca. The islands are constructed in many ways and among several families based on the roots of cattails and ropes made based on the Chilligua (straw) plant native to the Andes.

Daily tours to the Uros Islands


  • Duration approx. 3 hours
  • Departure: 9:00 am – Return: 12:00 pm.
  • Out: 12:00 pm – Return: 3:45 pm.


  • Pick up from the hotels.
  • Aboard boat toward the floating islands of the Uros
  • Visit to 3 different locations.
  • Return to your hotel.


  • Transfer from the hotel to the port and from the port to the hotel.
  • English guide.
  • Entrance tickets to the island.
  • Tourist boat.