Tours to Chullpas Sillustani 1/2 day

The archaeological center of Sillustani is located at 34Km. From the city of Puno, with asphalted road in its entirety, it is one of the largest archaeological sites characterized by the great Chullpas (funeral with mummification) that inside lie the ancient rulers of the highlands in particular the Colla culture.

Sillustani was a large necropolis in the thirteenth century built by the Collas an earlier civilization to the Incas. The imposing burial towers were built for the burial of great religious and military authorities.

The archaeological site of Sillustani also shows a beautiful landscape and a lagoon called Umayo. In this town you can feel the energy emanating from this mystical place.

Daily tours to the archaeological complex of Sillustani.


  • 3½ hours
  • Departure: 9:00 am – Return: 12:30 pm.
  • Afternoon: Departure: 2:15 pm – Return: 5:45 pm.


  • Pick up from the hotels.
  • On board in tourist vehicles.
  • Visit the archaeological complex.
  • Return to your hotel.


  • Transfers from the hotel to Sillustani and from Sillustani to his hotel.
  • English guide.
  • Sprinter H1 tourist vehicles.
  • Entrance tickets to the complex.