Uros – Taquile islands speedboat full day

The people of the island of Taquile keep alive its traditions and ancient customs, dress colorful native costumes made by the same Taquileños, the native language of the people is the Quechua and Aymara.

The advantage of this service is that the travel time is reduced by over 50% compared to normal services, so this makes the visit to the island of Taquile is longer, so you can have the time but you need to enjoy your stay on the island of Taquile.

Our travel through the staph highly caificados professionals will ensure that your stay is longer for your visit to the island of Taquile, we guarantee a majestic ride on the Titicaca, we provide quality services, discover with us the wonders of the world’s highest navigable lake Titicaca, which allows taking less busy routes and enjoy encounters with local families who are expert weavers.

You can appreciate the elaboration of the famous textile TAQUILE, also listen to the same weavers interpretation of their culture, their tradition of daily life.

Daily tours in fast to launch Uros Islands – Taquile


  • Full day.
  • Out: 7:00 a.m. – Return: 4:00 pm.


  • I gather from the hotel accommodation.
  • Departure by speed boat to the island of Uros.
  • Visit to two different islands.
  • Arrival to Taquile Island where you can enjoy a unique Andean landscape of the sacred lake of the Incas.
  • Visit the craft center with peculiar costumes.
  • Return to Puno.


  • Transfer hotel – port – hotel.
  • Tourist boat (Swift Boat).
  • Service Guide / Spanish – English.
  • Entrance tickets to the islands.
  • 1 Typical lunch in Taquile.

Note: This tour package we wanted to expose between private tours as one of the most exclusive services between our services, quite apart from the costs worth highlighting are super cheap for what would actually cost.