Private tour to the floating islands of the Uros

Uros Islands are a set of floating islands made of reeds, it the Uros, descendants of indigenous people one of the oldest cultures of America.

Some of the main economic activities of the Uros are fishing and hunting, but also engaged in the production of handicrafts made from reeds, woven wool carpets and stuffed native birds of Titicaca.

The only means of transport to the lake via Uros is made in modern motorboats comfortable boats that leave from the lake port located on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno.

Reeds growing in the lake and which are an integral source of livelihood for the inhabitants of the islands, because at the same time constitute the basic power supply, to cut and hang them in the sun to dehydrate, become spread evenly on the surface of the island and thereby becomes an integral part of it.

This is the maintenance system with Uros to perpetuate the existence of their artificial habitat. Incredibly, being a floating island, necessarily implies an anchorage system to the bottom of the lake.

Worth noting that the islands have between two to three meters thick floating on the surface of Lake Titicaca which for those dollars has a depth of 10 to about 15 meters.

Private daily tours to the Uros Islands


  • Depending on your requerimient. Morning / Noon / Evening.


  • Pick up from the hotels.
  • Aboard boat toward the floating islands of the Uros.
  • Visit to different places.
  • Return to your hotel.


  • Transfer from the hotel to the port and from the port to the hotel.
  • English guide.
  • Entrance tickets to the island.
  • Tourist boat.