Luquina Chico Cultural

The community of Luquina Chico is located to the south east of the city of Puno, at 3812 msnm, Luquina Chico is a small Aymara village on the shores of Lake Titicaca that decided to open its doors for travelers. Located in the peninsula of Chucuito, south of the capital of the department of Puno, it is an excellent option for those who wish to live a day of experiential tourism or community tourism.

Visitors are greeted with flute and drum music, while families wear their finest dresses to give a warm welcome.

The tourists are installed in the houses and participate in the community tasks. But everything depends on the preferences of the guest: they can fish, learn to weave, cut wood, cook, play a pichanguita at almost four thousand meters in height, or simply tell and listen to the stories.

The rooms have a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca and have everything you need to have a good time. From comfortable beds, clean sheets and private bathrooms with hot water.

One of the best moments is when the traveler is dressed as a local and invited to the community dance. Everybody lives the party to the rhythm of the dance that integrates and motivates to value the alive culture of the plateau.

The food is a feast apart. Potages such as the Lukina matasquita style (potato, carrot, vanilla and wheat, without meat) are served in a dining room located very close to the stove where the tourists are integrated into the host family group.


  • Tourist Viewpoint.
  • Tourist jetty.
  • Beautiful natural viewpoints.
  • Boat trip with sailing and rowing.
  • Visit to archaeological remains.
  • Native dances.
  • Wood fire.
  • Artisanal fishing.
  • Recognition of medicinal plants.
  • Walk to viewpoints.
  • Participation in agricultural activities.

You can reach Luquina Chico by the affirmed road that surrounds the peninsula of Chucuito or sailing by Lake Titicaca. From the city of Puno, the journey takes about 30 minutes and depends on the speed of the boat.