About us

TOURISM EIRL PERCYBAL . We are a Travel Agency and Tourism Services in Peru specialized in the region of Puno – Lake Titicaca . PERCYBAL has started its operations in 2006 with the aim of developing a more responsible and supportive, contributing to the development of communities in the Lakeside tourism Puno.

We strive every day to offer our guests the best possible service so that your return to our land is increasingly relying on our frequent travel agency services and land and lake transport in Puno.

Our biggest challenge is to overcome all standards of quality and timeliness of tourism services, offering high-level attention to Peru and the world. We seek to gain confidence in its fullness with tourists, demonstrating compliance, security and tourist service excellence.

We have a great team, made up of highly qualified and in the preferred language of our visitors professionals, we are confident that your experience is guaranteed with our services.

We invite you to request your tour packages both private and collective. Cultural, Natural, Adventure, Experiential, Agritourism, Ecotourism, Community, Inédito, Esoteric and more, never limit ourselves to discover new destinations and places of fascinating attractions of our region. Choose the places you would love to know, if you have no wonder we suggest our tour packages through the area of contacts , we will attend you committed to your requirements are for your satisfaction.

Tourist services: Private Tours in groups or in the region of Puno

* Everyday:

  • School each week.
  • University tour packages.
  • Packages for seniors.
  • Gastronomic tourism.
  • Private Tours every hour.
  • Service Guides in different languages.
  • Service Land and lake transportation.
  • Rental mobilities.
  • Reservations and Restaurants.
  • Honeymoon packages.
  • Tourism: Cultural, Natural, Adventure, Experiential, Agritourism, Ecotourism, Community, Inédito, Esoteric and more.


Welcome to the Travel Agency in Puno Titicaca PERCYBAL and always endure the magic of giving and receiving tourism!

Atte. PERCYBAL team Titicaca – Puno – Peru.